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You have entered the brain of Scott Dallas Espenschied

This website is dedicated to all things relating to me, ScoDal. I am an overactive ball of creativity and am always up to something. On this website you will find my thoughts, photography, original music and music videos, free games, and more. I'm extremely active on social media and it's interesting how so many people know me as something completely different. Some people know me as the guy that writes music, others know me as the guy that will photoshop his head onto anything, some know me as that that computer nerd that knows everything about technology, and some know me as "that funny guy." Now that you've come to my website you can venture deeper into my brain and see exactly what makes me tick.

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About ScoDal

I'm a professional goof ball player. Add me on snapchat! My name is 'salladttocs.'


View My Photography

I love taking photography, especially macro photography. Check it out!


My Crazy Internet Avatars

An archive of every internet avatar I have ever used or created.


Listen To My Original Music

I play piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, percussion, and more. Enjoy!


Watch My Music Videos

Sometimes I like to get weird on camera and pair it with my original music.


Enter My Blog

There is no real theme to my blog. It's full of random and nonsense.


Join My Tech Forum

Tech nerds and code junkies unite here to talk about geeky stuff.


View My Latest Tweets

A page that automatically updates with my latest tweets. I'm always tweeting!


ScoDal's Instagram Feed

This page automatically updates Instagram feed. I'm always taking pictures!


View My Facebook Feed

Come here to check out what I've been up to on Facebook. Connect with me!


View My Guestbook

I know Guestbooks are so 90's, but I don't care. Pop by and say something!


ScoDal's On-Line Projects

I'm always working on something. Below are some projects I've started just for fun and entertainment. They aren't necessarily my hobbies, just things I'm tinkering with. For example, I have always liked flash games and sometimes some of my favorite ones are hard to find on the internet so I keep them logged here for my own and others entertainment.

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Play Free Flash Games

Check out some really cool, fun, and addicting free flash games here.


Watch Trending Videos

You never know what cool trending videos you are going to find and see here.


Prank Call Soundboards

You can use these for your own entertainment, or use them to prank call people.


Rude Fortune Cookies

Just like regular fortune cookies, except they are rude instead!

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