Website Status Update Aug 16, 2014

Welcome to my website. At the current time it's pretty empty, but I've put together a pretty solid shell for me to fill out. It's really hard for me to organize all the things I personally do and the things I'm into. I enjoy all kinds of things such as simple communication with people around the world using social media and other outlets... and on top of that I enjoy my personal hobbies as I always have of writing and recording music, taking photography, and creating artwork that I can sell on-line. I'd do all of my hobbies without the idea of making money, but having money definitely helps me be able to keep creating in a stress free environment.

I am aiming to organize everything that I enjoy on-line and in real life in a free manner. I used to run a social media search engine on this website, which was cool, but it didn't make sense that was a social media search engine. I AM ScoDal, this website has to be a little about me too! I am bringing back my social media search engine and installing tracking methods to see what parts of the website people do and don't like most so I can continue to tailor it in a way that provides the best possible surfing experience for users to gain the most out of this website.

Right now I'm still speculating many things and building things out in my head. I am, at the moment, very far from an actual launch.. using all my spare time to get this on-line project out of the way. It is hard for me to focus on writing music when I know I have my website in disarray. Also, I absolutely hate when I make on-line updates about the status of my website and how I'm going to do this and that.. so these messages should soon be gone and focused on bigger and more important things.

About ScoDal

ScoDal's full name is Scott Dallas Espenschied. He is a mythical creature typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from his forehead.

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