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My full name is Scott Dallas Espenschied. I'm a professional goof ball player. Add me on snapchat! My name is 'salladttocs.'

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This website is alive!

My goodness, I haven't updated the news on this site in about two months because my sole focus was on organizing and uploading all my silly internet avatars and every artsy digital photo I have ever taken. I have spent so many long and sleepless nights uploading and writing and uploading and writing. It's done! I finally have my preliminary content foundation done and ready for me to start adding new things.

I have so many future plans for what I want to do with the site, but for now I would like to explain how to use each section of the site:

My Photography

Obviously, this section of my website is dedicated to my digital photography. But, what kind of digital photography do I take? I am not so interested in taking pictures of people, I like taking mainly macro photography. I'm really intrigued by shape and color so the more detail I see in something, the more likely I am to take a picture of it. Not all my pictures are macro, but you will notice that quite a few of them are.

My Crazy Internet Avatars

If you know anything about me, you are probably aware that I get bored with my internet avatar very quickly. I love having something new and fresh up for my internet picture all the time. You also probably know that I like to photoshop my face onto crazy pictures I find all around the internet. In this section, you'll find every since internet avatar I have ever used. They aren't all photoshopped, but a good majority are. I love the reaction I get from these ridiculous pictures. Here's a little secret though, I don't use photoshop to do this.

My Original Music

When I was 12 years old I had an idea how to record music. I was obsessed with perfecting this idea. I got ahold of the best equipment I could without any money and started working on my skills. By the time I was 16 I had written many many songs. Over the years I have written lots of experimental electronica, techno, dance music, rock music, jazz music, and even hip hop! I've also acquired lots of equipment such as two digital pianos, an acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, ukulele, and lots of other fun instruments. My early music was hyper with a fast tempo but as I got older I slowed it down and learned to finesse the instruments more. Piano is where it all started and it is still my favorite instrument to play.

My Music Videos

I have only made one music video so far, but I have ideas for new ones all the time. But, first I wanted to make sure I had a place to share them on-line. Now that I do and it's ready for me to start adding to, you can be sure I will start seeing my ideas through. I have put together an entire music studio and video recording studio along with buying professional equipment to finally start producing high quality video along with my already high quality audio. My first and only music video "Box of Wine" is recorded with a terrible video camera using whatever free video editing I could get my hands on. I now have two mac computers with amazing video editing software along with a professional Canon camera. No more grainy videos from me!

ScoDal's Blog

This is the hardest section of my site to describe cause it's so random. If you know anything about Tumblr, well it's a Tumblr blog and that should probably be enough to explain how random it's going to be. If you don't know about Tumblr, well then let me explain a little further. I'm not much of a blog writer, but while I'm on the go I like to snap photos, take videos, and update my status in all kinds of different ways using my phone. If I feel like I've captured some gold, you bet that will show up on my (Tumblr) blog here! I also really enjoy looking at other peoples posts and 'reblogging' them here as it's called. So you will find lots of amazing posts from other people as well as my own posts. It's basically a never ending stream of entertainment and nonsense. It's so random and entertaining that I even find myself going to visit my own blog just to laugh at old posts.

My Tech Forum

Beware! This is the only section of my website at the moment that does not follow the same theme and flow. I made scottdizzle.com before I made the new scodal.com theme and website so I haven't transitioned it over into the new theme yet. There are active users on the site and valuable posts so I cannot discredit and ignore it's existence. My next project on the website is to transition this into my new theme so it all flows seamlessly. Anyway, as you probably know, I like to code and program from time to time. This is my outlet to share what I've learned and also for others to share what they know. I have plopped a ton of my source code I have learned over the years here. So much that I an constantly coming back here to remind myself all the cool tricks I have learned.

Free Flash Games

Over the years I have run many flash game websites and even sold a few. I cannot help but remember how fun some of these games are but I hate trying to find them scattered all over the internet. So, I have collected and will be collecting more and placing them here. Every once in a while I'll pop over here to play Curveball or Copter. These games are not only addicting, but they hold a special place in my heart and remind my of good times.

Watch Trending Videos

Like magic, this section of my website sits and collects all the trending videos of the internet non-stop. I use this resource all the time to entertain myself or to entertain others. You can really get lost here. Just the other day I went here with my buddy and clicked one video which led us into a playlist of about 10 more awesome videos and we didn't even get to watch them all. That's right, so many videos show up here that I can honestly tell you I haven't even had a chance to watch them all. And that's what is so great about this section, no one can keep up with it. There is always something new and fresh to see.

Prank Call Soundboards

I find these entertaining so I like to upload them periodically to the site to play with. They're called prank call soundboards cause you could call someone and pretend to be Alec Baldwin or Brian, Adam Sandler, Brian from Family Guy, or many other crazy characters... but even if you didn't plan to use them for prank call purposes they're still fun to play with. Point and click all the different buttons to hear lots of classic audio clips from these characters for a good laugh. There's not much more to it than that. I'm just noticing I have many more saved than I have uploaded here to play with. I'll get on that soon.
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