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Anthem Gameplay & Anthem Review Based on Anthem Beta

I haven’t gotten to try the full game yet since it hasn’t been officially released. But, I have had a chance to play the recent closed and open beta of Anthem. It’s a really great game so far! I enjoyed everything from the demo (other than the reported issues during the first few hours of the closed VIP beta launch, which I was there for and sat through). What playable content they did give for the demo was juicy and gave plenty to let you know how the game will look and feel when it’s launched without giving away too much of the story. I think it took me and my team about 2 or 3 hours to get through? It probably would have gone quicker if there weren’t so many bugs throughout the weekend. It seemed like the developers were watching and listening to the feedback from the players so I have high hopes that the game will release much smoother than the demo was.

As much as I liked what I played, though, I do have to say I wasn’t completely blown away. Customizing the Javelin and flying is a lot of fun. But, other than that the game plays just like many other games I’ve played through before. If you’re trying to read my mind, yes Destiny and Destiny 2 come to mind as a comparison. I hate comparing games, but it’s hard not to do. The killing, looting, and equipping is nearly the same system. The leveling up and power level is nearly the same. Even the fact that you play through the story as a 4 person coop team is the same.

My final thoughts about the game are that I’ll probably play through the story two or three times and then be done with it. After I’ve seen the story so many times I don’t think I’ll have much interest to keep revisiting the game. I’m not a big collector when it comes to in-game content such as collecting all the guns and skins. I’ll have fun with it while I’m progressing through the story and then I’ll be done with it. That will be the story and how I will remember my experience in the game. Maybe when the game comes out and I can see all that the game has to offer I will change my mind. But, as of now that is how I see it going down. I’m still debating whether I want to pay full price for the game or just pay for a month or two of Origin Access until I’m done with the game.

February 6, 2019




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