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  • …no matter how hard I woosh my body parts through the air they make no sound. What that all about? Just Hollywood isn’t it?

    June 12, 2018



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  • Fast paced techno song. This song is composed with a Roland Synthplus 80, or better known as a Juno keyboard. It’s extremely similar to the Juno. Anyway, just me mixing electronic sounds with drum patterns.

    February 26, 2002



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  • The sun was starting to go down so I hurried up and took this photo of a dried up berry on the ground before it was too late. This was super important to me because of reasons.

    May 11, 2012



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About ScoDal

I'm a professional Goof Ball player that is currently working to get ahead in life so I can be lazy once and for all. Looking for something that I've created?

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