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How to Filter Content

Using the Main Navigation Bar

The buttons on the navigation represent what type of content you’re interested in viewing. You can use their sub menu item to filter the results of that type of content by Newest, Oldest, Most Viewed, Least Viewed, Highest Rated, Lowest Rated, Most Comments, and Least Comments. When you’re on desktop view the picture of the Home returns you back to the main homepage of the website and the picture of the two arrows is for Random or in other words will throw you into a random post every time you hit it.

Using Tags

I have plans to make finding content by tags easier down the road, but for now there are two ways to filter content by tags. Well, three if you count the tags in the About ScoDal section on the right. The first way is the Popular Tags section on the right where there are listed popular tags that are commonly used here for you to filter content by. The other way is by selecting a tag on an actual post. When you’re viewing content you will see a section of tags that are associated with that content. You can click on the tags to be directed to a page that has more content of the same type.

Using the Search Bar

This one is pretty self explanatory. The search bar will search the content of all the posts on the website and show related results. It pulls content from any media type or tag type as long as it finds a match to your search term or search terms.

Commenting on Content

In order to comment on the content you find here you’ll need to have a registered username and password. I thought long and hard about how I wanted to handle comments and I realize that forcing people to create an account might not be the most ideal way to have people leave comments. But, in the end I chose this method for two reasons. First, it will reduce the amount of spam that gets entered into the website for me to have to constantly have to combat and remove. Second, it allows me to own the content in my own database. At first, that might sound a little scary if you’re someone that is really protective of your privacy, but I didn’t make this choice for any malicious reason. Your password is encrypted and stored in a way that even I myself with all the best tools I could ever find would never be able to figure out what your password is. I made this choice because there are lots of really simple ways to use a third-party tool to add commenting systems to your website but if anything were to ever happen to those third-party systems I would lose all the comments forever. I have worked too hard on this website to take that chance. Plus, owning my own comment system means I can style things the way I want and add features the way I want. No one can suddenly start serving ads in my comments section and monetizing my comments on my page and force me to upgrade in order to remove them.

Contacting ScoDal (Scott Dallas)

There are two simple ways to contact me:

Write ScoDal an Email

Use the Contact Me links throughout this website to end up on the very simple Email contact page. By filling out the form and submitting it, it will send the Email directly to my main Gmail address. I don’t want to post it publicly on the website because it will probably get mined and then spammed (worse than it does already). But, I bet if you use your brain you can figure out really easily what my Gmail address probably is if you want to write me direct.

Contact ScoDal on Social Media

Use the social media buttons found around the website to be directed straight to my social media pages where you can usually contact me direct. The best ones to use would probably be Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

How to Contribute Content

There is a page on this website dedicated to submitting content to me. You’ll need to be able to source the content through a hyperlink/URL so I can see what you’re talking about. I did not include a file upload. I thought about including one and then I decided not to because it just creates the ability for people to send me potentially harmful files when really if they found something great on the Internet there should probably be a link to it somewhere already anyway. You won’t need an account to send me content. You can do this anonymously or as a guest.

Signing up for the Newsletter

I’ve never been very faithful at following through with writing newsletters as well as I see large companies sending newsletters. But, perhaps that’s a good thing. Usually I find newsletters from companies to be a bit annoying because only 1% or less of the Emails they actually send even catch my attention and even less than that do I actually follow through on by taking the action they want me to in the Email. But, if you do sign up I would be very grateful! It’s unlikely I would use my mailing list to try to sell you anything. It’s more likely the newsletter will contain links to what I think are some of the best content I have shared on the website recently for you to click through and enjoy yourself.

About ScoDal

I'm a professional Goof Ball player that is currently working to get ahead in life so I can be lazy once and for all. Looking for something that I've created?

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