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  • I was determined to not use any tools I didn’t already have to make this happen. So, truth be told… I didn’t actually use a drill. I hammered one of those really thin glasses screw drivers into each of those spots until it busted through the other side to make the holes. Also, if anyone […]

    March 22, 2019



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  • The time I had a really dangerous job and made it more dangerous for no good reason other than to take interesting pictures in black and white and wait 60 years for the internet to be invented so I could share them.

    March 12, 2013



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  • Laying on the floor surrounded by pizza. It’s a good day.

    December 26, 2012



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  • We were laughing at how we have no idea how anyone knows what anything is that gets written down on the receipts at El Campesinos. A smfloze is apparently a small margerita.

    February 28, 2017



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I'm a professional Goof Ball player that is currently working to get ahead in life so I can be lazy once and for all. Looking for something that I've created?

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