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ScoDal - Box of Wine


Instruments Used: Acoustic Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bongos, Vocals

I had a lot of fun recording this song. I didn't have the greatest video equipment or computers but I made do with what I had. The video was recorded in 2008 using a VHS camcorder and a TV Tuner card to capture the video from the tape into the computer. Not the greatest method at all, but I went for it anyways! I have since then purchased much better equipment for future video recording. But, the audio was all recorded with professional equipment! So, the audio quality is excellent in comparison to the horrible video quality. I think it's a fun video nonetheless. There are even some little easter eggs you might not notice such as the scenes where I refill the wine from the fridge is the same clip used repeatedly, I never actually drink any of the wine and replace it with Kool-Aid for each shot (I'd never have finished this if I was actually drinking wine this much for the video), and when I throw the cup onto the floor and you hear it shatter it doesn't actually shatter. The glass is actually plastic and the floor is carpeted.

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Getting drunk off a box of wine, do do do do do do do do do! Hoping soon that I'll feel just fine, do do do do do do do do do!

Oh no, I'm feelin' drunk. Oh no, I'm feelin' da da da da da da drunk!

Gonna lay down cause I drank too much tonight and I'm feeling rather tired. The room is spinning and I just don't feel alright. It's time that I expired.... now

Oh crap, oh crap, I just have to make it in the bed.


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