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Life update | February 02, 2021 | Lots of things!


I couldn't think of a very good title for this. It's basically a life update, so that will have to do... Now I'll get on with it.

I have been working so hard on so many different things I'm getting a bit confused what to work on each day. I keep putting things that are important on the back burner. I also have to keep working a lot to keep making money. It's hard to keep figuring out the balance. But, it's been a long time since I had so many things going on that I was having trouble keeping track of it all in my head. I like the chaos. It's like having a puzzle in my head of all positive things I know I need to get working on that I can continually organize passively while doing other things.

I haven't been gaming as much lately because of all the new things I've been taking on. I put a laptop in my car so when I'm out making money and there is a slump in work I can grab my laptop and keep working on other things. In fact, I'm in my car writing this right now. I have unlimited data on my phone so I figured I should try to make use of that hotspot feature and you know what? It works pretty great for most the things I'm trying to get done.

The new things I'm working on:

I have been recently been trying to get a bunch of new websites online that I've had in the back of my head floating around. I have a lot of them online already and that has me very excited even though each website is a new task I have to continually work on by adding to it. But, that's okay! I just have to get them monetized now that they're up and running.... so, like I used to do back in the day, I thought I'd just run Google Ads with Google Adsense. But, Google Adsense (supposedly) hand checks every website submission to serve ads now and the process is very slow. It's been weeks since I submit about 8 websites for them to review and they accepted one and rejected one. The reason for rejection is so vague I have no idea what to even fix. Do I just submit it again and hope a different human sees it?

So, that had me thinking that's probably not the only way to make money from hosting a website. I got back into my Amazon Associates account and started verifying my sites there and that went much better for the most part and I was able to get minimalistic nice looking ads on most of my sites.

But, I thought what if I take that even further by selling products like I used to back in the day. So, I started firing up my old cafepress, zazzle, and spreadshirt accounts to see what I could do with those. My oh my it has been so much work configuring ads, products, keeping up with content, shooting new videos, editing the videos, and uploading the videos, then adding those videos as content to the appropriate web pages, and then making sure to share all this new content to social media.

I know I'll find my groove though if I just keep pushing. I'm hoping I can take a day or two off work in the next few days to just sit and solely work on my online products. I have a whole master plan but it's very tedious and then once it's done it should just be making small updates here and there to keep fresh designs and ideas floating so the sites and accounts don't get stale.

What has been getting back-burnered and I need to get back on:

Spellcheck is not liking my usage of "back-burnered" but I don't know a better way to put it so I'm just gonna pretend like it's okay lol

Well, the things that have been going on the back-burner are the keeping up with blogs, adding content to websites, and editing videos. I hate it. I think about it every day, but I keep getting so focused on getting all the online websites working properly and connected and being profitable that I run out of time for any editing. Plus, I try to have a life outside of that sometimes too!

Oh, and don't even get me started about how behind I am on making music. I have a whole plan for that too but it keeps getting pushed back due to other things. But, I will definitely get there. I've been making good moves. I just have to keep pushing every day the best and most I can.

The whole situation can have me feeling a bit like the image above.

Sigh... and then there's the fact that the software this website and all my other websites runs on, CuteWord, is way over due for some updates. Some are simple and I could probably hammer them out in no time but I think eh it's not the end of the world if I put them off and keep working on content. Some of the updates I have planned are very robust and will take a lot of time. How am I ever going to make time for all of this!?

The plan of action:

I think I've hit a temporary wall with working on my products. The task ahead is kind of monumental. So, I've decided today to work on getting some new content up on the websites and edit/upload a new video since those areas have gone lacking for so long. That will reset the clock on those tasks in my mind so I will feel better about how many hours I sink into working on the products again.

I'm really excited to show off the products I'm working on! They aren't just products for products sake and they won't just be like ads and crap I'm selling. I'm really proud of what I'm putting together.

The end goal:

Well, it's hard to say what an end goal looks like for me because there is always something new showing up in my head and I have a bad habit of always wanting to see it through immediately thinking it won't take that long to get set up. But, I get very meticulous about having everything perfect and then it ends up eating away time at every other thing I should have been working on.

But, my end goal is to have a ring of websites connected to social media accounts that I can periodically update with original content that piggybacks off each other. All the content I'm currently creating and creating in the future will all be focused around my hobbies and other things I enjoy so they end up just fueling more need for me to enjoy my hobbies.

All of this has me thinking I may need to start making a somewhat organized calendar so I can keep track of what days I should be doing certain things so I don't fall down a rabbit hole focused on one thing and let everything else go to the wayside. It feels pretty good to take a break right now and just write. What do you think? Have you had success keeping an organized schedule with a calendar? I am thinking about using Google Calendar more.

Secret new website launch?

Yes, I Have a secret new website I am going to drop very soon... with plans for four more. I know, I'm a wild man. I can't stop myself. I don't like to think of myself as a website creator and webmaster, but I guess I am. It's just the way you put things out on the Internet and I know I have the know-how to do it and am pretty good at launching full blown very functional websites.


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