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Miscellaneous Macro Photography of Items and Objects Shot in 2019


I had just gotten this camera and was learning how to use it. Some of these shots are pretty cool, but they are also pretty random since I was experimenting with the camera. Some shots are from inside my apartment at the time and some are from outdoors.

Macro Peanut M&M's

Macro Peanut M&M's

Macro Blue Carpet

Macro Blue Carpet

Macro Clock Red LED Numbers

Macro Box of Crayons

Macro Looking Down Inside Pringles Can

Macro Candle Wax

Macro Side of Candle

Macro Laundry Basket Lid

Macro Loofah Pink and White

Macro Loofah Pink and White

Macro Circuit Board Sound Card Creative Sound Blaster

Macro Straw Hat

Macro Tea Bags

Macro Bath Towels - Blue

Brake Lights Photograph

Macro Rusty Bolts

Macro Balls in a Game at Denny's

Super Macro of Coca Cola Logo

Super Macro of Daddy Long Legs Walking

Super Macro Handicapped Symbol

Super Macro Jello Shot in the Grass

Super Macro of Park Bench Textures

Super Macro of Park Post Textures

Super Macro of Park Post Textures


macro photography, macro, m&m's, crayons, clock, pringles, candle, laundry basket, loofah, bolts, circuit board, straw hat, tea bags, towels, spider, daddy long legs, handicap, coca cola, brake lights

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