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No more messing around...


I have been having the hardest time coming up with the best organizational plan for everything that I want to do and share online. It seems like every time I have it all figured out, the way everything works online changes and the way I want to utilize the tools has changed or evolved and I'm starting all over again. I am over it. It's time I charge forward.

During the last quarter of 2019 I decided to stop using all the free online tools to make your own website. None of them seemed to properly satisfy me. So, I hand created from scratch my own system. I finally feel free. I can create anything I want online and I can do it my way. But, that also means I have to reorganize and reupload all of the content I have made over the years.

This brings me to procrastination. I have spent so many days, weekends, and months doing this over and over again. I am hoping this is the last time. For the last few days, again, I have buckled down determined to finish it. I am making great progress. Sadly, part of that progress is breaking one of my own rules talking about making progress. But, I also need at least one journal entry posted to break the seal on journal entries on this website to inspire me to keep making more. I find no pleasure in talking about things I'm doing or going to do. I only want to share what I've done.

So, with that being said... I'll keep this post at that. Time to get back to work creating and sharing.



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