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ScoDal - Nothing Left But Me


Instruments Used Acoustic Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bongos, and Vocals

This song breaks from the mold of my original song writing style by being all acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, and my vocals. If you had been listening to my earlier music, you'll notice this is drastically different. What a difference having a job makes and being able to afford new equipment!

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I'll always feel as though this song is incomplete even though it sounds really nice as it is. I really liked where it was going but never finished layering as many aspects of it as I wanted to. After a while, I got so used to hearing it this way I just said screw it and left it like this. It's really pretty and a bit sad. I'm not sure why I was feeling like writing a kind of mellow style this day, but I can dig it. I hope you enjoy!


It's Friday night, I'm wide awake, I think of you, and it was my mistake. It's getting colder, the summer's gone, alone again and I'm moving on. The pressure builds, and here I sit. The pieces fall, but they never fit. I'm starting over, late at night. Maybe this time I will get it right.

There's nothing left to see, there's nothing left to be, there's nothing, there's nothing left but me.


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