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ScoDal - On The Avenue


Instruments Used: Acoustic Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Vocals, and Bongos

Everyone that had been listening to my music over the years really liked this one. I guess I nailed it with the sound on this one. I guess I agree, it did come out pretty cool (and funky). This song is based on a dream. It was recorded with acoustic guitar, acoustic bass guitar, piano, and my voice.

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I should really do an updated version of this song. I have learned how to play so much better than I was able to at this point, especially with the piano.


And it's late at night. And there's a girl on my mind. So, I close my eyes, just to see what I find. And it's dark outside. I'm walking down the street. And I'm all alone. I'll never know who I'll meet. And then she catches my eye. And she's the one for me. She's out of reach, and it's hard to see. No matter what I say. No matter what I do. It's just another day. On the avenue.

Always stuck in a dream world (you're in my mind). Always stuck in a dream (and I feel fine). Always stuck in a dream world (you're on my mind). Always stuck in a dream (and I feel fine).


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