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  • I like to play the guitar and I like to be silly. Here’s a combination of the two. The video quality is terrible but hey I was young(er) and working with what I had. I have better equipment for my next music video(s) now. The lyrics to this are pretty simple.For most the song it […]

    September 26, 2007



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  • I’m a fan of the box of wine. It’s a pretty good deal and I think it tastes alright. Anyway, this song is guitar, vocals, acoustic bass, some percussion. Didn’t use any electronic sounds at all for this. Not even piano!

    September 26, 2006



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  • I never finished this song but the more I listened to it in it’s current form I decided it doesn’t need any more to it. It’s just guitar, acoustic bass guitar, and my voice, singing. A beautiful song if I may say so myself.

    September 26, 2003



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  • I used piano, guitar, and acoustic bass for this song. Oh, and I sang too lol. I don’t remember what wacky thing I did for percussion sounds this time. I think those were drum sounds I recorded and then spliced back together at my own rhythm.

    September 26, 2002



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I'm a professional Goof Ball player that is currently working to get ahead in life so I can be lazy once and for all. Looking for something that I've created?

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