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  • I decided to try something new with the bass line by incorporating my talkbox with it. I have an acoustic/electric bass but the pickup is pretty weak. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work but it actually ended up working fantastic. I’ll definitely be doing that more in the future. That’s what that […]

    March 18, 2015



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  • This was my second attempt at mixing with my mac. This is what the Sunglasses Song sounded like before I wrote any lyrics or added any visual story to it. Also, this is just the mp3 of the song. There is a full video as well. If you’d like to watch the Sunglasses Instrumental Song, […]

    March 18, 2015



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I'm a professional Goof Ball player that is currently working to get ahead in life so I can be lazy once and for all. Looking for something that I've created?

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